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Front-end developer


Hi, I'm Hang. I am a front-end developer with a big interest in design and illustration. I am always eager to learn new things. When I'm not working, you will find me doing one of these things: writing blogs, painting on my iPad, singing with my ukulele, learning and playing the piano, or reading books. Feel free to check me out and connect with me through the channels below :)


I am learning...
  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • Wordpress

  • Git

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • React JS

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Procreate

  • Portfolio

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    PHP, MySQL

    Library Management System

    This is my internship project in Japan. I created a Library Management System (LMS) web application for the computer laboratory. There are 2 types of users: admin and student. The books in the office will be managed with ease using this LMS. This application works best on desktop view. Try it out by clicking "Log in as demo user".

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    ReactJS, Material-UI, ChartJS

    Covid tracker

    I made a corona virus tracker to learn more about ReactJS. The app shows the daily cases globally in a line chart. When choosing a specific country from the dropdown list, a bar chart will show up to display the total cases, recovered cases, active cases and deaths in that country.

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    A responsive website built with mainly Wordpress for ISATE 2020 - an international academic exchange that will be organized outside Asia for the first time in Turku, Finland in 2020. The page required a clear structure and a European look. I designed and built the website, as well as proposed draft ideas for the logo.

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    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


    I built this portfolio using the most basic Web Development elements. I also tried to make it responsive and interactive.

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    Meme Generator

    Memes rule the Internet, and this application helps to create your own memes that you can share with your friends and have a good laugh.

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    Adobe XD

    K-Terveys application mockup

    At Junction 2019 (Junction is the largest hacking event in Europe), our team with 3 people designed a solution for the challenge from Kesko group and CGI. Our application aims to use the data from K plussa card to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce food waste. Adobe XD was used to create the screens and the interaction of this mockup.

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    My own blog

    I do blogging in my free time. The reason I started my blog was because when I went to Japan for exchange study, I was struggling to find answers about coming to another country. After coming back to Finland, I started this blog hoping to share my experiences about topics that I know about, because I believe sharing is caring :)

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    Education and Work experience
    • Haahtela-kehitys Oy

      I am working as a Junior Front End Developer. I work mostly with Wordpress development, Search Engine Optimization for the company's website. Recently I started working with Javascript, ReactJS, Material-UI, Storybook and Enzyme testing. In between I also do minor design tasks.

    • theFirma - Finland

      I was involved in several projects related to Web Development, UI design, Front-end Web development, NodeJS, Photoshop, Illustrator and Project Management. I was the Quality Manager in theFirma - a learning environment that is organized as a small IT company.

    • Sendai National College of Technology - Japan

      I was an Internship trainee at Sendai NIT. I learned about Digital Image Processing using Python and built a Library Management System for the laboratory with PHP and Bootstrap.

    • Turku University of Applied Sciences - Finland

      I graduated in May 2020 and obtained my Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology. I was an active and dedicated student at school, my GPA was 4.5/5.


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